4th grade

4th grade is starting out awesome. My teacher Mr.Sunkle is really good at math. He is my math teacher. My language arts teacher is Mrs.Connelly. She really loves to read. My science and social studies teacher is Mrs.Tzolakis. All of my teachers are really nice there all as nice as you Mrs.Campagna. You were the best teacher ever. My teacher is very, very, very loud. Mrs.Connelly is very quiet and she does this thing and she says macaroni and cheese and we said quiet please. It works a lot. Mrs.Tzolakis is quiet as well but she has Popsicle sticks so everbody can participate in the activity. It is really fun in 4th grade!!!!!!!!!!

Folktales By: Danielle

I am writing about folktales. In the book Anansi the spider Anansi tricks turtle into washing his hands over and over again so Anansi can finish his dinner. But then turtle tricks Anansi into coming down into the water but he is to light and he floats up. In the book coyote and hen  coyote tricks hen of coming down from the tree because he wants something to eat. But hen has a advantage because coyote is afraid of dog and hen said” You better watch out behind you it is dog.” But dog wasn’t there. If it was a fight between Anansi and turtle. Turtle won and if it was a fight between coyote and hen. Hen won. Traditional literature is cool you should learn about it.

Perswasive writing (Gymnastics)

Have you ever done gymnastics? Well I have and I love it. Everyone should do gymnastics. One reason, you should do gymnastics is because it is fun. It is fun getting medals and trophies at meets. Also, you get treat bags at meets. You can also learn different skills. You should do gymnastics because it is fun.  Another reason, you should do gymnastics because you need flexibility. If your flexible I’m guessing you have your splits.  You need shoulder flexibility because you need to put your arms behind your ears. You have to have back flexibility because you need to have a bridge. You need flexibility in the world because if you don’t have flexibility your joints will tighten when you get older and if you have flexibility your joints will tighten faster. You need flexibility in many ways. You need strength to. You need to do a pull up and land it. You need to do skills. You need strength to do harder skills. You need strength in the world because if you don’t have strength you can’t really do anything. Strength is very important and we need it to live! Gymnastics is fun and you should do it!

Whales Passing

Once me and my 4 friends were out swimming and we found a little boy and his dad.  We found that he was holding a seashell over his ear.  I didn’t know what that meant. The boy was staring at us so I said” We should do tricks for him,” And that’s  exactly what we did. But then we went underwater  and me nor the boy could see each other. We swam across the sea but then we went back  and jumped right in front of the boy. Lastly,  we started to swim away but he kept the shell over his ear but I still didn’t know what it meant. When I started to swim the wind started to blow and the salty water went into my eyes. It was hard to go the way I was going.  But it stopped being windy and I was fine. When the boy came to see us I flipped for him!


Two Bad Ants

Once my queen woke up and sent me and the other ants to get something new and delicious. So my friend and I and other ants went to a person’s house and found crystals. But, when my friend and I were there we didn’t want to leave. Then, my friend and I fell asleep in the crystals after we ate all we could eat Next, we saw that when we woke up we were in a big blackish brown liquid and we were trying to keep our over the liquid but sometimes it didn’t work. I saw a platform to rest on, but then we went down and it seemed to get hotter and hotter. Then, we popped out and wanted to find the nearest water. We found water but we held on to the spout so we didn’t fall but we fell into the water. We were not alone. We fell in dirty dishes, old food and a lot of other stuff. But then we decided  to go back home and that’s exactly what we did. We couldn’t forget the crystals! So we grabbed some crystals then went home. My whole adventure was to get crystals. But we didn’t just do that.

My 20 favorite NBA players

20. Zach Randolph (zebo)

19. Dwight Howard (Superman)

18. J.J Reddick

17. Deandre Jordan

16. Andrew Wiggins

15. Corey Brewer

14.  Blake Griffin

13.  Lebron James

12.  Michael Carter-Williams

11.Derrick Rose

10. Zach Lavine (space jam)

9.James Harden

8. Jabari Parker

7. Tony Parker

6. Tim Duncan

5.  Kyrie Irving

4. Anthony Davis

3. John Wall

2. Russell Westbrook

1. Kevin Durant



Gold is important in many ways. One way gold is important is because it resists bacteria and dentists use it to fix teeth and doctors use it for inner ear implants, surgery and medicines. Gold also moves electricity very well. Did you know that there is gold in computers and cell phones. More then half of mined gold is in jewelry. Gold is also very rare. Gold is important to us because if we didn’t have gold we would get sick a lot and we won’t get wedding rings for our weddings!